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Income and Investment Planning for:
People Ages 50-
75 Thinking of Retiring
and those Already In Retirement
Serving the public since 1976 with expertise to help you
manage your 401(k), IRA, Pension Plans and Retirement Assets.   

We provide clear and unbiased investment advice and income
recommendations according to your needs and investment
management through our Independent Registered Investment
Advisor, Strategic Financial Concepts, LLC.

Our Only Allegiance Is To You, Our Client
Strategic Financial Concepts, LLC,
Registered Investment Advisor.
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No legal or tax advice is being offered or rendered. Clients should seek the advice of a qualified and licensed professional concerning
legal and tax issues. Investment advice is offered through Strategic Financial Concepts, LLC.
All investment activities are on a "best efforts" basis and no promises, guarantees or warranties are offered or implied. All investments are at the risk of loss.
Having been in the financial services business for over 40
years and as an investment portfolio manager since 2004
I have learned a number of  tactics and strategies that you could possibly benefit from. Like
you, I have been affected from all the stock market calamities since 1974, the impact of
government policy or lack thereof, interest rate changes, taxation, effective use of Social
Security Benefits and the ever increasing costs of medical care.

Put a dedicated and experienced retirement planning team
to work for you.  Contact me to set a no obligation, no fee
time to talk about your retirement plans. (512) 431-4619 or
for additional information about the services offered by Wayne
Schwartz, click
Strategic Financial Concepts, LLC, Registered
Investment Advisor.

I will introduce you to strategies
  and techniques that may help:

  • Provide more income throughout
    retirement, including Social Security.
  • Manage assets for greater net worth.
  • Reduce investment risk exposure where
Wayne N Schwartz  B. Arch, M. Ed., RFC

100% of my professional lifetime is
managing assets to diminish the effects of
these events on your retirement income
planning and have a plan to grow and
sustain your income.
I serve high net individuals and families.