Investment management and retirement income planning is a blend
and balance of securities and insurance products that will produce the
desired income to match your needs
.  It takes years of experience in each area to
know how the products actually produce income and how they react to ever-changing financial
market conditions over time. Time is the great equalizer as many people found out in light of three
major financial downturns since 1999 and although the general market has returned to new highs,
many people are only "breaking even" after 13 years! The "buy and Hold" mindset, regardless of
market conditions, may not serve you well.

Review My Resume to see that I am among a handful of registered
advisors "having been there and done that", as they say it in Texas.
Below is a short list of the products and services we provide our clients. The alternative is to only
own bank certificates of deposit.  With current rates, as of October 1, 2013 hovering at 2% or less,
it would require $1,000,000 to have an annual taxable income of only $20,000.  

     Institutional Securities                        Insurance

  • Master Limited Partnerships in Energy                   
  • Business Development Companies                                                      
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts                               
  • Dividend Paying Stocks
  • Utilities
  • Corporate Bonds
  • Preferred Shares of Stock
  • Growth Stocks

It is more work and requires expertise, but for those folks who know that they
need help to navigate the world of financial products and investment manage-
ment the potential rewards are worth it.

                       Contact me for a " Second Opinion"
                    on how you are managing your life's savings

Scroll down to see how we put it all together and then give me a call
to see if there
is someway we can improve your financial situation.

                    Synergy Circle of Services Offered All Clients
  • Annuities: Immediate, Deferred, Fixed
                   and Fixed Indexed
  • Single Premium Life Insurance      
  • Survivorship Life Insurance
  • Long Term Care
  • Pension Rescue
  • IRA, 401(k), Pension Plan
  • Social Security
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Registered Investment Advisor.
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No legal or tax advice is being offered or rendered. Clients should seek the advice of a qualified and licensed professional concerning
legal and tax issues. Investment advice is offered through Strategic Financial Concepts, LLC.
All investment activities are on a "best efforts" basis and no promises, guarantees or warranties are offered or implied. All investments are at the risk of loss.

The distinctive difference that I offer is: that I manage client's
money knowing it is their life's savings and when it is not time
to be at risk (invested) we are either in cash or using products
that help mitigate down side risk.
There is never any pressure to always be invested.
what I do for clients
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